Testimonials from Previous Clients

From MerchantCircle.com:

Review: Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Rating: 5 star

"Tim was so friendly and so flexible! He explained everything in easy to understand language and I felt comfortable to ask "dumb" questions. He told us to call/email him at any point in the future if we needed advice or additional information regarding our home and future repairs, etc. The listing agent also had great things to say about him. We received our inspection results in a little over 24 hours via email! He's the best!"

"Tim O’Leary was extremely responsive and helpful when I called him to inspect my first home purchase. I called him on a Friday night when he was spending time with family and he took my call anyway and answered all my questions about what services he provides and how he would conduct the inspection. Then I called him the following Monday asking him if he could come by the house the next day. On such a short notice, I expected him to request some extra time (which I didn’t have), but he said no problem and even showed up early. Tim was thorough. I followed him around the house and he was extremely patient in answering my questions. When I had concerns about specific repairs, he explained what it would take to fix them. He completed the report within a day and emailed it to me the very next day, which gave me enough time to negotiate costs and repairs with the seller. I’m extremely satisfied with O’Leary’s work and would recommend his services to anyone."
- Michael S

"I have worked in the building industry for a long time, but did not want my enthusiasm for the home I was planning to purchase, overwhelm my objectivity; Mr. O'Leary was a perfect fit.

"He was thorough, inspecting all the important components of a dwelling and the systems, was clear about what he could and could not do, without creating liability issues (like bleeding radiators which might not stop leaking once opened). He was clear about what was working and what needed attention by contractors specializing in the relevant trade (Masonry work required to address water infiltration), and even offered experience about what not to expect to repair back to original conditions (old, leaded windows). His report was succinct, both myself and the insurance company (who had reservations about certain custom-built elements) were able to rely on the report for our respective needs.

"I had some concerns about hiring a home inspector, after a previous experience with a highly rated contractor were less than ideal. I would recommend Mr. O'Leary without reservation." – R. Cooper, Pittsburgh, PA

"I am currently in the process of purchasing a home and hired O'Leary Home Inspections to perform an inspection on the home I am purchasing. Tim O'Leary was also punctual. I had arrived 15 minutes before our scheduled time and Tim was already there and had already put up a ladder to inspect the roof and gutters as best he could, as it is February. Tim was very down to earth and took the time to explain how certain items worked and in some cases how easily certain items could or could not be repaired. The inspection took place on an older home, roughly 60 years old, so I asked quite a few questions. He was very patient and took the time to answer my questions in plain English, which possibly lead to the inspection taking longer than usual. I believe his inspection was very though, as was his inspection report. I would like to point out that I did receive the report via email the next morning, and the report was not a one size fits all checklists. Rather the report was written in plain English making each section (electrical, plumbing, heating, masonry, etc.) very easy to read. I also had a radon test and a pest inspection performed as well. Tim mentioned in advance that these services would be performed by others, but were included in the price he quoted me. He also arranged to have the radon test started 48 hours before the home inspection took place, so the radon test would be finished and incorporated in to his report.

"During the course of the inspection, I learned from our conversation that Tim was a retired contractor. I found him good to work with, and I would use services if I find that I need them again." – G. Rogers, Pittsburgh, PA

"Tim was one of the few home inspectors I called to inspect a house we were buying. His prices were lower than the others and he was very flexible with our schedules. He ended up coming out on a Saturday afternoon. Tim did an entire home inspection. We also paid extra to have pest and radon inspections done. My wife and I were in the house the entire time Tim was conducting his inspection. He did a great job pointing things out and explaining anything we had a question about. His report was easy to read and complete. I like how in the report he pointed out issues that needed immediate attention and also issue that were less of a priority. He was very knowledgeable about every aspect of the inspection due to his extensive background as a contractor. After we purchased the house we found a slight issue in a room which we did not see before since that area had a carpet over it and a table over the carpet. I contacted Tim and he came out to check it out a few days later when I was available to meet with him. He documented the issue and because of his help we were able to get the sellers to cover the cost of the repair. I would highly recommend Tim and will be using him again." – V. Gaz, Pittsburgh, PA

E-mails to Tim O'Leary:

"It was a pleasure doing business with you. You were very thorough and professional in your inspection and I would definitely recommend you to friends and family." – Jason B, Pleasant Hills, PA

"Thank you for the home inspection you performed for us. We were very pleased with your report. My wife was impressed with your thoroughness. If you need a referral or recommendation, we would be happy to give one for you." – Joe & Deb K, Irwin, PA

"It was very nice meeting you. Sorry it has taken us so long to write and to thank you for your superior home inspection and pest inspection. Both were invaluable resources for our decision making process as well as knowledge about our soon to be new home. Our Realtor was also similarly impressed with your service. Thank you again. It will be our pleasure to highly recommend you in the future." – Steve & MaryBeth P, Lower Burrell PA

"Great job. Not only do we feel better about the house, I now know how to fix and maintain a few things - stuff I didn't know before!! You were a real help, we'll recommend you to friends & family." – Bill & Mary O, Murrysville, PA

"I would like to thank you so much for your home inspection services. I thought you were extremely knowledgeable and very educational. Your tips will definately be helpful. I was EXTREMELY happy with your services overall. I thought you covered all areas and took the time to especially highlight areas of concern. Your report was easy to understand and simple... yet very informative and to the point. I thought you provided just enough information and you covered in your report everything we spoke about during the inspection. I would - and have already - recommend your services. My family and I were thankful that we chose you for my home inspection." – Breanne G, Monroeville, PA

"It was a pleasure doing business with you. You were very thorough and professional in your inspection and I would definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thanks!" – Jason B, Pleasant Hills, PA

"I wanted to let you know that we received your report based on the home inspection. I read through it and everything was as I had expected it to be based upon our conversation… By the way, I found your report quite easy to review, very concise and organized. I also enjoyed being able to walk through the house with you and get your feedback regarding many of the mechanics and structural items of the home. I did let my agent know that I felt you provided a very thorough inspection, and at the same time you were able relate the significance, or insignificance, of items uncovered. Overall, just very professional - thank you!" – Larry S, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks for your fast and professional service! You made this home inspection a good experience." – Sylvia V, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank for the great job. Our expectations were exceeded. We feel alot more at ease with this house now. We thought you'd also like to know, our agent was not familiar your service. She wanted us to pick an inspector from her list. When we told her we found one on our own (Google search), she seemed a bit "put off", she actually said..."if you go off our list, you're on your own" (funny thing was, a statement on her list said... we were on our own anyway.) Now, I think she'll be adding you to her list...we, and our agent, were very pleased with your efforts, and will highly recommend your service." – Beth & James R, Pittsburgh

"Just a quick note to say thank you. I don't think I mentioned this before, but I contacted about 4 other home inspectors prior to hiring you. I got an answering service on two of them, calls were returned about 8 or 9 hours later. (I had already hired you) The others made me feel as if I was imposing on their time, and went on to explain what a complicated process this was......and how I needed to be prepared for the results! Can you imagine? Anyway, thanks for the good work, we will be buying the house, and will use your report as a 'things to do list.' I will refer you to anyone who asks." – Bill & Mary R, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you for your patience with us, explaining everything as we went along. As 1st time home buyers, we appreciated the time you took to show us maintenance tips, and go over each and every problem thoroughly. Your experience with home construction was obvious. We highly recommend your service." – Mr. & Mrs. S, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks for the great job! You had more knowledge than anyone else we spoke to before hiring. You said we’d have our report in 24 hours or less, and we did. It was very easy to understand. I especially like the fact that I got right through to you when I had a follow-up question. That kind of service is unheard of. I told my agent about you; she already knows of you and refers clients to you all the time." – Lucille P, Irwin, Pennsylvania

"I thought you were very precise and patient as you took your time and answered all of my questions. You explained things well and highlighted all the important details of the property inspection. I would certainly recommend your inspection to anyone buying a home!" – Erin and Jeremiah, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Thanks again for taking the time to provide the inspection of our "newly acquired" home. I really appreciated the time you took in reviewing every part of the inspection... although I arrived when you were pretty much finished. I thought you were very thorough in your review and my husband and I have taken heed to all of your suggestions. Again, thank you very much for your thorough services." – Laura M, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to thank you for the job you did on my home inspection. You were very professional, personable, honest, cut and dry. You were very thorough, going through the whole house with us from top to bottom. You highlighted the things that needed to be fixed. I will recommend you to any family or friends in the future." – Al B, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for doing our home inspection. The results are easy to read, very helpful and very detailed. The same goes for the pest and radon inspectors. Be sure to pass that on! We'll be sure to give a good referral if we have the opportunity." – Barry and Yvonne, Pittsburgh, PA

If you have any questions for a professional home inspector or would like to speak with me about scheduling a home inspection for your Pittsburgh or Greensburg home, please don't hesitate to call me at 412-491-5488. I look forward to helping you buy your new home with confidence!