Home Inspection Fees

When – and if – you speak to my competitors, you'll notice some of them practice the
"High Pressure Sales Pitch." They'll dance around your original question:
"HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE." They don't want to let you off the phone until they've made a sale.

I don't believe in that: I'll answer ALL of your questions, and if you want to call me back later, that's fine with me.

I can be reached at 412-491-5488.

IF you are able to find lower prices from a competitor, but would still like to hire the BEST person for the job, let me know; I can usually match prices.


Inspection Fees are as follows:

  • Home Inspection - up to 2000 sq. ft. - $425*
    • 20¢ per sq. ft. over 2000 sq. ft.
      If you don't know square footage, I'll estimate based on age of house and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  
  • Pest Inspection - WDI inspection - $70 (up to 2000 sq. ft. house; small up-charge for larger homes)
  • Radon Inspection - 1 monitor, 48-hour test - $160

ALL THREE INSPECTIONS TOGETHER saves you $25! (ask how you can save an additional $25)

  • Condo, Townhouse, or Carriage house, under 2000 sq. ft., with NO exterior inspections - $350***
  • Multi-Unit - Generally, $425 first unit; $170 for each additional unit. (assuming units are no larger than 1600 sq ft. We do a max of 4 units.) Call for exact pricing.
  • If a single-family home has: Additional Furnace/Boiler/Air Conditioner, Electrical Panels - $40 each additional unit

*There may be an additional fee (minimum of $75) for homes built in or before 1940, or any home in an obvious state of neglect / disrepair.

**$25 discount is for home, pest, and radon inspection(s) done at the same time.

***Exterior inspection on condos and townhouses is usually unnecessary, as these areas are managed by an association. If this is not the case, normal home inspection prices will apply.